About The Brick

We recognise the affliction of poverty, we recognise its impact in local neighbourhoods and on local people but we do not believe poverty and trauma is inevitable. Our vision is to provide a practical response working alongside people to help them rebuild but also to address and mitigate the causes. We know that the world is changing at an unprecedented pace, that requires a different approach to tackling the complex problems, that face our local communities today.

Our role as a grass roots charity gives us an opportunity and a responsibility to speak up about these problems, to help improve the policies and systems that affect people’s lives. We will seek to regularly share evidence and stories from our work and those we work alongside, to support wider conversations around poverty, trauma and social change.

These videos are property of The Brick, St George’s Church, 65 Water Street, Wigan WN1 1DN. Countywide Radio has permission from The Brick to use these videos for the purpose of embedding on our Community Corner page, to advertise the services of the Charity.